The maze runner

SUMMARY the maze runner is a book about a boy that wakes up in an elevator with no memory. When he wakes up he finds himself in a community of boys who also lost their mind. They call themselves ”GLADERS”. After he realized he is trap in a maze he wants to get out, but […]

mini memoir

An important moment that happened to me was when my first and only sister was born. This moment is important to me because it was also my dad’s birthday. She is my everything. My sister just turned 4 years. She is the best sister ever

Wild animals aren’t pets

I am against people own exotic animals as every day pet. Exotic animals need to be free and live in the wild and on their habitat. Exotic animals can’t live in a small cage or a little space or they become furious and that’s why they attack people. Exotic animals belong in the wild. Exotic […]

Fear project

So we have been doing a fear project for a while.In my fear project i include a nice cover with introduction,table of contents,compare and contrasts,10 phobias (with picture and website name),2 paragraphs in wich how your body reacts to fear,also 5 strategies. HERE ARE SOME PICTURE